Thanking You and Your Families This Season

Thanksgiving will soon be here, and once again, we will be reminiscing about all the things we are grateful for. For our dental team, that means letting our patients know how thankful we are to get to care for you and your loved ones’ smiles all year round! We work hard to provide consistent, excellent dental care so you and your family’s smiles can thrive. Without you, we would not be here, helping people love and care for their smiles.

National Brush Day

November 1st is also National Brush Day, which was initially recognized in 2013 as a continuation of the Kids’ Healthy Mouths PSA campaign in August 2012. Being observed right after Halloween on October 31st, this day is designed to help parents remember to cultivate the proper brushing habits in their children for better overall dental and general health.

Remember, eating sweets is the number one contributor to cavities from tooth decay. Halloween is a time when we relax the rules and allow more sweets than normal. The same can be said for Thanksgiving pies and Christmas goodies. Most of our holidays are laden with some form of indulgence in everyone’s sweet tooth! National Brush Day is a great time to remind your children to brush and floss every day. Make it fun so their teeth can stay nice and healthy, and remind them brushing doesn’t have to be a chore. It just has two be done two minutes twice a day to get that healthy smile.

Make it fun by dancing along with a fun song while brushing. Make sure they brush around the gum line gently (their gums will thank you), and do not forget to brush in the back of their mouth. Two minutes is all it takes to make a positive difference in their oral health. You can make teeth brushing a family brushing contest, tracking results on a chart. The family member who finishes the competition with the most brushing days gets a prize!

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body

Walt Disney may have said it best when he said, “I am rarely sick because I brush my teeth.” Indeed, daily, consistent tooth brushing removes harmful bacteria along with stray food particles from your mouth. This essential practice helps maintain healthier teeth and stronger bones, too! Tooth loss affects one in three adults over age 65, and if you have osteoporosis, you are at risk for tooth loss as the jawbone becomes less dense, resulting in tooth loss.

Eating a healthy diet with enough calcium and Vitamin D (along with taking good daily care of teeth and gums) supports strong teeth and bones. Brushing with a soft-bristle toothbrush twice a day and daily flossing is a winning combo in addition to seeing the dentist regularly during the year. This Thanksgiving, help your family be thankful for their smiles and remember that they are brushing (and flossing) their way to a healthier mouth! Better oral health means less time for children missing school and parents from missing work due to problems.

Thanksgiving Blessings

We love seeing our work reflected in your family’s oral health and helping their smiles stay healthy and strong for an even better quality of life. We are grateful to make a positive difference in the lives of our patients by providing quality dental care and giving you something to smile about! We are here for your family’s smiles and are thankful to you for allowing us to take care of your smiles and appreciate your confidence in our dental team! May you and your loved ones have a healthy, happy, and smile-filled Thanksgiving!