Which Floss Is Best?

When shopping for floss you are offered a variety of flavors, colors, and styles of floss. Which one is the best for you? Because of the large variety of choices, we frequently have patients who want to know which type of floss is the best. The best floss is the one that you chose to use daily.

Our dentist, Dr. Michael Michelakis, is passionate about oral health. That’s why our team at Carolina Coast Family Dentistry in Shallotte, North Carolina, want to share with you, some of the basics about picking out the best floss for your oral health.

When picking out a floss, there can be an overwhelming variety of styles. The best option for a clean smile is whichever style or flavor you will use daily. Research shows that no matter the style of floss, wither it be waxed or unwaxed, nylon (multifilament) or polytetroflorethyene (monofilament), the difference of the ability to remove food particles and bacteria from your mouth is minimal. The biggest factor of which floss is the most effective is finding a floss that will be used daily.

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